Be carefull complaining on Shipping Quest! They ruined my entire life and company after posting untruthful vindictive reviews on me all o er the Internet, stealing and attaching my photo to the posts etc.- all that because of simple disagreement due to their price altering policy once they have you in the hook (explained in so many of other customer postings, not only me!).

Very vindictive.Backed by Israely hackers! Aware that due to stooped Freedom of Communication Act (Law in US) it is nearly impossible to remove negative posting from the I internet once they trash you down, hence have the entire department based in Israel deal with customer Internet hunt and private computer breach.

My life, ny livehood totaly destroyed by Shipping Quest because of defaming.Now, I know a person who is behind the entire ShiipingQuest schalackin will get a kick out of reading this and how big harm he causes his previous customers BUT that just proves how sick and phsyco the person's behind the Shipping Quest Co. really are; much easier would be to just fix and respond to all negative feedbacks their customer experience and I am sure they would be able even then to conduct freight business, but sincere one

Location: 244 5th Ave #2021, New York, NY 10001, USA

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